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"Affinity represents a bond to a certain type of magic."

Latest version of the Affinities page in the Occulus.
You start with no affinity. Your affinity is represented as a small chart on the HUD, and can be viewed in more detail at an Occulus (craftable Block). Your affinity will shift based on what spells you cast, meaning as you cast certain types of spells more often, you will get better at them. Casting spells of a differing affinity will shift you toward that affinity. Once you reach 100% in an affinity, you become locked to that affinity and will need to read an opposing affinity tome to unlock your affinity, at which point normal progression will resume. Unlocking a full affinity will drop you down to 80% depth. Each spell component has an affinity. Components of the same affinity as you will cost less mana and depending on your affinity depth, may not even cost reagents. Components of opposing affinity: however, will cost more mana and again, depending on your affinity depth, may cost additional reagents. Affinities offer specific bonuses and disadvantages, described on the affinity-specific pages."

Casting an ability of a specific affinity will raise it slightly with use. If using an ability not of the correct affinity, it will decrease all other affinities slightly. (E.g. Casting a heal spell will raise Life Affinity, but casting any other spell not associated with Life will decrease said affinity.) Note: Spell Components are a WIP(Work In Progress). Only the Utility tree's spell components remain to be tested for Affinities.

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Affinity Symbols

Affinity Symbol
Arcane Essence arcane.gif
Earth Essence earth.gif
Ender Essence ender.gif
Fire Essence fire.gif
Ice Essence ice.gif
Life Essence life.gif
Lightning Essence lightning.gif
Nature Essence plant.gif
Water Essence water.gif
Air Essence air.gif

Affinities Consequences

Affinity Advantage Disadvantage Opposite
Earth Stone Skin - Damage reduction at 25% depth(amount based on depth). Max reduction 10% at 100% affinity. Solid Bones - Sink faster. Can't fall as far without Damage. Air
Water Expanded lungs - Slower breath loss.

Fluidity - Not pushed by water.

Enderman-Repellant - Attacking endermen are damaged.

Fire Weakness - Damaged when exposed to fire. Does not occur below 75% Health. Fire
Air Agile - Jump boost and Feather Fall (1 block) start at 50% depth, upgrades to 2 blocks at 75% and 3 Blocks at 100%. Light as a Feather - Rain and Storms Move and slow you, Sneak or Gravity Well to Negate movement. This disadvantage is removed once at 100% depth Earth
Fire Resistant to Fire - Damage Reduction in Fire/Lava based on depth 60% at 100% depth.

Fire Punch - Punching enemies light them on fire 100% depth.

Weakness to Water - Take damage when touching water at 50% depth. Does not occur below 75% Health. Water
Nature Harvester - more seeds and saplings

Thorns-aura - gain Thorns enchantment at all times starts at 50% depth. Increases at 75%, and 100%

Photosynthesis - Slowly regenerate hunger in direct sunlight 100% depth.

Rooted - Climb certain surfaces like a spider 100% depth

Photosynthesis - lose hunger at night or dark areas 100% depth

Rooted - Move slower due to roots

Ice Frozen Footsteps (Water) - Freeze water when sneaking at 50% depth

Frozen Footsteps (Lava) - Turn lava to obsidian when sneaking at 100% depth

Cold Blooded - move slower unless on ice or water Lightning
Lightning Lightning Reflexes - Speed Increase 1-30% based on depth. Step up 1 block ledges at 50% depth

Thunderpunch- You punch things and they get struck by lightning.

Fulmination - at 20-89% depth and above, you have a small chance to supercharge creepers nearby. At 20-44 you also have a very small chance to ignite nearby 50%+ depth

Short circuit-you "short out" when in water or rain, causing rapid mana loss (but no damage is done to you).

Life Fast Healing - Regeneration based on Depth (even without hunger) Pacifist - Nausea after a kill at 60% depth Ender
Arcane Clear Caster - chance that a spell cost 0 mana at 100% depth

Magic Focus - Spells cost 5% less mana to cast

Magic Weakness - Magical damage does more to you. Nature
Ender Resistant to Poison - No Poison damage at 50% depth

Darkvision - Gain permanent night vision in dark areas at 75% depth

Weakness to Water - Max health reduced 100% depth

Weakness to Sunlight - Max health reduced


Spells by Affinity:

Affinity Spell components
Earth Dig, Physical Damage, Knockback, Gravity Well, Place block
Water Drown, Knockback, Watery Grave, Swift Swim, Mana shield
Air Flight, Levitate, Leap, Knockback, Fling, Slowfall
Fire Fire Damage, Ignition, Forge, Fury
Nature Entangle, Wizard's Autumn, Grow, Plant, Regeneration
Ice Ice Damage, Freeze, Slow
Lightning Lightning Damage, Storm, Haste, Fury
Life Heal, Regeneration, Life Tap, Life Drain, Summon
Arcane Shield, Magic Damage, Mana Drain, Chrono Anchor, Reflect, Telekinesis, Recall
Ender Lifetap, Blind, Astral Distortion, Gravity Well, Summon
None Void, Accelerate, Repel, Dispel, Disarm

Spells by Multi Affinities:

Offensive Tree
spell Affinites
Magic Damage Ender, Arcane
Knock back Water, Earth, Air
Silence Water, Ender
Fury Fire, Lightning
Storm Lightning, Nature
Defensive Tree
Spell Affinites
Regeneration Nature, Life
Life Tap Life, Ender
Summon Life, Ender
Gravity Well Earth, Ender
Mana Link Arcane, Lightning, Ender
Mana Shield Water, Earth, Life
Utility Tree
Spell Affinites
Place Block Earth, Ender
Drought Fire, Air


Old Affinity chart in the Occulus
Animation cycle of each affinity
Essence air.png Essence fire.png Essence lightning.png Essence water.png Essence life.png Essence arcane.png Essence ender.png Essence earth.png Essence plant.png Essence ice.png


In the Occulus you can hover over some spell components to see their types of affinity in the latest versions of Ars Magica 2.

Both the Occulus and the GUI show only the symbols of each element, and not their respective names.

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