Ars Magica 2 Wiki

The Air Sled in game.

The Air Sled is a rare drop from the Air Guardian.

Right-clicking it when held places it on the ground, allowing it to act as a mount. Right clicking the placed Air Sled lets the player fly using the W key to move forward, and using the mouse to point in the desired direction of travel. The sneak key is used to dismount the Air Sled, just like any other mount. It allows the player to gain a less controllable creative-mode type flight. However, be wary of suffocating yourself if you fly the air sled into 1-2 block tall areas, just as with riding a horse or a pig.


W- Move forwards

A- Maintain height and move left

S- Rise and move backwards

D- Maintain height and move right

*Do note to point the direction of travel. Descent is made by pointing downwards.*