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"The Arcane Deconstructor, when powered with Dark Etherium, can separate an item into it's crafting components."

Usage Edit

The Arcane Deconstructor requires Dark essence to be powered. Once powered and an item is placed in it, it will separate an item over time into it's crafting components including spells. Simply place any craftable item in the machine with power and it will begin to deconstruct it into its basic items. It can also be upgraded like any machine with foci.

Crafting Edit

Gui crafting.png

Item focus




Deficit crystal


Pure essence



Arcane de constructor

To craft a Arcane De constructor you need the following materials:

1 Item focus

1 Glass block

1 Pure Essence

1 Deficit Crystal

5 Witchwood Planks

The crafting arrangement is;

The 1 item focus goes in the top left slot, the glass in the top center, the deficit crystal in the center, the pure essence in the top right corner and the 5 witchwood wrapping around the bottom in a small 'U' shape.

Trivia Edit

Você obtém a maioria dos itens de volta de um feitiço, exceto qualquer material usado durante a criação, o pergaminho e a runa em branco inicial. O desconstrutor tenta colocar itens nos inventários adjacentes, se o seu estiver cheio ao quebrar algo. Se o inventário estiver cheio e não houver um inventário próximo a ele, o desconstrutor cuspirá os itens no mundo como entidades do item normal.e quem leu isso da o cu

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