By directing etherium at the weak spots in mundane items, the Arcane Reconstructor can mend most tools, weapons, or armor.


The arcane reconstructor requires:

4 stone

2 vinteum dust

1 diamond

1 obsidian

1 magic wall.
Gui crafting.png


Vinteum Dust


magic wall




Vinteum Dust


Arcane Re-constructor

The 4 stone goes in the top left and right corners and the bottom corners of the crafting grid, the 2 vinteum dust goes in the middle left and right grid spaces, the diamond in the center, the obsidian at the bottom and the magic wall at the top.


Place the damaged item in one of the six left slots, and the repairing item will be moved to the middle. Once complete, the item moves to the right, meaning it is fully automated. The reconstructor requires neutral etherium. The reconstructor can be sped up or can become more fuel efficient by using different foci; the mana foci and the charge foci.

Videos Edit

FTB Direwolf20 1.7

FTB Direwolf20 1.7.10 - Tutorial - Ars Magica 2 Machines-1428688800

Pictures Edit

Arcane Re-Constructer

The arcane re constructor, like all AM2 'machines', have a currently useless top section with a bottom section for foci to go into, the left side for what is to be repaired(queue), the middle being what is being repaired and the right 6 boxes are the items that have been repaired.

Arcane reconstructor block

The arcane re-constructor at work, repairing a pickaxe by using the etherium from the mana battery beside it.

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