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The Astral Barrier requires:

4 Cobblestone Wall/Mossy Cobblestone Wall (the two are interchangeable)

2 Eyes of Ender

2 Vinteum Dust

To craft the Barrier, place the Walls in the diagonal corner panels, then place the Eyes of Ender in the center-left and center-right panels and the Vinteum Dust in the center-up and center-down panels.

Astral Barrier Crafting Recipe.png


Uses Etherium to prevent the use of Magic in a radius around itself. The Radius is determined by the Focus placed in the middle slot, accessible via right-clicking the Barrier.

Lesser Focus 5 Blocks
Standard Focus 10 Blocks
Greater Focus 15 Blocks

The Barrier requires a redstone signal to function.

Additionally, if a player is carrying a Keystone with a pattern matching the one in the Barrier, they will still be able to use Magic within its radius of effect.