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Battlemage Armor is the strongest armor in Ars Magica 2 (with the exception of Earth Armor, which is only a chestplate). It heals you if you are dying, gives you slowfall only for a brief time after you fall 8 blocks before falling normally the rest of the way, makes you regenerate mana faster, makes your spells stronger as well as making them cost less mana to cast. The Battlemage Armor (Like all other armor in Ars Magica 2) can be infused with new aspects using the Armor Imbuement Table with the infused XP gained by battling MOBs. Battlemage Armor is equivalent to 20 armour points(diamond), with the durability regeneration and various buffs added in.

Armor Bar Values

Battlemage Circlet: 3

Battlemage Armor (Chestplate): 8

Battlemage Leggings: 6

Battlemage Boots: 3

one armour point= half a chestplate(like a heart being 2 health)

Arcane Compendium Entry

Granted only to mages who have proven themselves true masters, Battlemage Armor offers a good amount of protection. It has higher durability than Mage Armor, but has a slower repair rate and less enchantability, as well as giving lesser versions of the magical bonuses that mage armor does. Battlemage Armor can also be given XP which will unlock protective spells that will come to the aid of its wearer, draining some of the magic within the armor. The magic will then infuse back over time from your own mana pool.

Armour Components