Battlemage Leggings

Am2 battlemage leggings item.png
Battle- mage Leggings

Battlemage Leggings are the legpiece of the Battlemage Armor set.

Arcane Compendium Entry

Granted only to mages who have proven themselves true masters, Battlemage Armor offers a good amount of protection. It has higher durability than Mage Armor, but has a slower repair rate and less enchantability, as well as giving lesser versions of the magical bonuses that mage armor does. Battlemage Armor can also be given XP which will unlock protective spells that will come to the aid of its wearer, draining some of the magic withing the armor. The magic will then infuse back over time from your own mana pool.


Battlemage Leggings are crafted with 4 Obsidian, 2 Gold Inlays, 1 Blank Rune and 1 Fire Essence. The 4 obsidian goes in the top left and right corners and the bottom left and right corners, the blue rune in the middle top slot, the 2 gold inlays in the left and right slots and the fire essence in the center.


The battlemage armor drains Mana from a players manapool when worn while giving diamond grade armor and can be placed in the imbument table to gain imbuments according to the level that the armor is at.


It is unknown, currently, weather these give fire protection as an imbument or as a general buff from a full set.

The battlemage armor can only be repaired at the Arcane Re constructor or by its own mana draining accord.

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