"You can create solid objects out of nothing!  The binding shape allows you to bind tools to yourself, which drain constant mana while bound, and burst mana when used instead of durability.  Dropping the item with the drop hotkey (default 'q') will instead unbind it."

The Binding is a Utility Shape that allows you to create tools, these will use pasively mana per second when activated, and a determinated amount when used. (e. g.) If you create a Bind Pickaxe this will consume 8M/s pasively and 30 (approx.) per block. You can create: Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe, Sword and Shovel. These can be determinated when the Altar ask you to insert the "Binding Catalyst".

For creating a Binding spell the player will need: Binding, Targeting (Projectile, Self, Touch) and a Component. (e. g.):

[Binding|Self|Mining Power|Night Vision]: This spell will be useful with a Pickaxe Catalyst, the "Mining Power" will allow you to remove even Obsidian, pasively the Pickaxe won't do anything but spend mana, but, when the player destroys a block or clicks the use button they will gain Night Vision.

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