Ars Magica 2 Wiki

Armor Imbuement Table

The Armor Imbuement Table block uses the infused Xp in armor that is gained by battling mobs to add new imbuements to the armor

Crafting Altar Block

The Crafting Altar Block is an essential block that is placed in the roof of the Crafting Altar. Its purpose is to help the Crafting Altar link to a Nexus using the Crystal Wrench. Once the Crafting Altar is linked with a Nexus or a Mana Battery, the Crafting Altar can be used to acquire the Essence needed to make certain Spells.

Arcane Reconstructor

The Arcane Reconstructor is a block which uses raw essence to repair tools, armor and other items with durability.

Arcane Deconstructor

The Arcane Deconstructor utilizes Dark essence to break objects and spells into their original components. The initial blank rune and final spell parchment can never be recovered from spells.

Astral Barrier

The Astral Barrier is an etherium powered block that when given a redstone signal will stop all magic within it's radius and all methods of teleportation into it's radius including Ender Pearls, spells and Endermens' teleportating ability. Players can be exempt from the affects of an astral barrier if they have a keystone with the corresponding rune combination (same runes as the astral barrier has).


A Caster acts as a spell caster. It uses nexus power to use the spell instead of mana. It also requires a redstone signal

It's no longer available in the new version.

Keystone Receptacle

A Keystone Receptacle is the topmost block used in a keystone portal. It can be customized in the UI with a combination so that one portal may be able to port to more than one. A keystone is required to activate.

Mana Battery

Store's Essence/Etherium for use in spell-making and the powering of certain blocks. By applying a redstone-signal, the Mana Battery tries to pull Etherium into itself from the network.

Seer Stone

The Seer Stone, like the Astral Barrier, operates by using essence aura projected through spells to detect nearby objects. It can be controlled by focused the etherium to a particular type of object, and the resonant frequency of the etherium can be dictated through the use of a rune combination. Without the use of a rune combination, the resonant frequency fluctuates unpredictably and cannot be avoided. The Seer Stone however, is meant for a more subtle approach; allowing the object to continue, but emitting a small signal that often activates much more powerful defenses.


Crafting recipe Calefactor.png

Instead of running on fuel, the Calefactor runs on essence in order to smelt items, occasionally it will produce additional vinteum dust as a bonus. When the calefactor is powered by Light, Neutral, and Dark Etherium, the Calefactor has a chance to double ores. It always has a small chance to double food.

A calefactor is constructed in a crafting table with 4 Stone, 2 Lapis Lazuli, 1 RedStone, and 1 Vinteum Dust.


This is the very base of the Ars Magica mod.The Occulus has four sections that you can invest skill points in as you level up by creating and using spells. The four trees are Offense, Defense, Utility and Talents. The first three sections are where various spell components and shapes can be learned by spending blue, green, and red skill points. The Talents tree provides permanent boons to your character when unlocked. The Affinity tab shows your affinity for each type of magic, which is affected by the types of spells you use.

Crafting Recipe Occulus.png

The Occulus is constructed in a crafting table with 1 Glass, 3 Stone Brick, 2 Coal and 1 Blue Topaz.


Ars magica includes 6 different plants,5 of which are used in certain spell creation processes.They include