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The Celestial Prism is a variation of the Obelisk


that produces Light Etherium. It is created by performing the Ritual of Purification on a standard Obelisk

Unlike the Obelisk, the Celestial Prism is powered by daylight and, thus, must have a direct line to the open sky or it will not charge. Like both the Obelisk and Black Aurem, the Prism can be augmented by adding a ring of wizard's chalk around the base or by adding four capped pillars offset by 2,2 around the Prism. The pillars themselves should be made of blocks of Nether Quartz, be two blocks high, and then be capped with a third block of any: Glass, Gold, Diamond, or Moonstone (where Moonstone provides the greatest charging bonus). However, Moonstone caps modify the manner in which the Celestial Prism charges so that it now generates Light Etherium only during the night time. In all other instances, it acts just as the Obelisk, generating Etherium and causing the Mana Regen effect if a player stands close while charged.

Uses of Light Etherium

Light etherium, which is produced by the Celestial Prism, can be used in the crafting of spells and for providing power to various machines like the Essence Refiner, which is used to produce element-based essences for use in spell crafting.


The Celestial Prism can be mined with a Dig spell and picked up to move it somewhere else.