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Note: You can't use any of these commands until you have obtained an Arcane Compendium and have admin privileges. =)

/amuicfg -Allows you to fine tune the graphic user interface(GUI), and gives you some extra options to do with the UI.

/respec - Converts your spent skill points to unspent skill points.

/setmagiclevel [player] [number(max 99)] - Sets your level to the number imputed.

/giveskillpoints [amount_blue] [amount_green] [amount_red] [player] - Gives you blue, green and red skill points according by the number set for each and to the specified player.

/takeskillpoints [amount_blue] [amount_green] [amount_red] [player] - Removes skill points according by the number for each type specified from the player specified.

/setaffinity [player] [type] [amount] - Gives a player affinity points towards an affinity by the amount specified.

/givespell [player] name:[name of spell here in ""] icon:[numerical value of spell icon] {s:[spell shape];c:[spell component]} - Gives player a specific spell with components and shapes ie. /givespell yournamehere name:"Aoe Dig" icon:123 {s:projectile} {s:aoe;c:dig} (No longer works)

Note: Adding another {} will need another shape and component to fit

/unlockentry [entry] will unlock the specified entry . /unlockentry all will unlock all entries (No longer works)

and if you know what the EXPLOSIONS! command does you will know who Moridrex is

If other AM2 commands exist, this author was unable to find documentation of them. Please contribute more if you are able.

List of all commands from Ars Magica 2 version (Minecraft version 1.7.10):

/unlockcompendiumentry <Player> <identifier|all>

/unlockaugmentedcasting <Player>

/shiftaffinity <Player> <name> <amount>

/setskillknow <Player> <skill>

/setcompendiumstate [Locked|unlocked]


/RegisterTeamHostility <team1> <team2>

/recoverkeystone <Player>

/fillmanabar <Player>


/clearknownspellparts <player>

+ all commands mentioned above.

Description for all 1.7.10 commands and commands from newer versions will be updated soon!