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Iron Ingot


Vinteum Dust

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Desert Nova

Crystal Wrench

3 iron Ingots, 1 Vinteum dust, 1 Cerublossom, 1 Desert Nova

Arcane Compendium Entry

The Crystal Wrench serves many purposes. It can be used to direct raw essence through your power network. To do this, right click first on the source of power you want to use. This puts the source block in a pairing mode, indicated by a white beam shooting skyward. Then, click on the destination. This will force a pairing, and ensures the essence goes where you want it to. Keep in mind that if you force a different type of power through, it will destroy any power contained in the destination.

The crystal wrench can also be used to show hidden particle emitters and can copy their settings by right clicking. The settings can then be pasted to another emitter by right clicking. Each time you "paste" settings, you will need to copy them again if you wish to paste to additional emitters.

How to use

The crystal wrench is used to configure the routing of essence between Ars Magica machines. Machines are connected by clicking and holding the crystal wrench between the two machines. If a machine or nexus is simply clicked, a beam of essence will shoot upwards. This represents the machine being put into a "link mode". Only certain machines can go into link mode.

The crystal wrench can be used to link essence nodes together. Start with the source (either a Mana Battery, an Essence Conduit, or a Nexus). It will go into link mode and a beam will shoot up from it. Then, right click the destination node (any block that can request or transmit essence...basically anything other than a nexus). If the nodes are close enough together (10 blocks distance max), they will be linked.

Note that if you link nodes with two different essence types, the destination node's essence type will be overridden, and it will lose any stored essence of the original type.