This article contains details about a feature that no longer exists in updated versions!

For the new method of generating Dark Essence, see the Ritual of Corruption page.


A sinister construction, the Dark Nexus slowly but invariably pulls living creatures from around it inward to its center. Upon reaching the middle, the creature is attacked by dark forces and killed, producing a large amount of dark essence. Here is an owner's manual for your Dark Nexus (Some assembly required). This was recently deprecated in favor of the Obelisk.

Assembling Your Dark NexusEdit


8x Nether Bricks

4x Cap Block (can be Obsidian, Chimerite, or Sunstone)

1x Chalk

At least 5x5x3 area of open space


  1. Place down Red Chalk in center of open space
  2. Place 4 2-block high pillars of nether brick at each corner of the chalk circle
  3. Place Cap Blocks atop nether brick pillars

If built correctly, your nexus should resemble the following image:


A correctly built Dark Nexus

Obtaining Dark Essence From Your Dark Nexus        Edit


  1. Lure (Non-player) creature into chalk circle
  2. Laugh maniacally as their life force is converted to dark essence 

Notes: This will convert any non-player non-item entity into essence. Be careful not to keep a pet anywhere near the nexus. It also attempts to suck in Air Sleds, though it will not convert them into essence. Be wary of keeping farms or pets near the nexus. If you are going toward a dark nexus, make sure you sit your pets down far away so they don't teleport to it.

Linking Your Dark Nexus To Magical Machines (non-crafting altar)Edit


1x Crystal Wrench


  1. Right click on nexus's center using Crystal Wrench
  2. Right click on whatever machine you want to provide essence to, also using Crystal Wrench
  3. Use your awesome powered magic machine!

Using Your Dark Nexus with a Crafting AltarEdit


1x Crystal Wrench

1x Crafting Altar (Obviously)


  1. Right click on nexus's center using Crystal Wrench
  2. Right click on Crafting Altar (block) using Crystal Wrench
  3. Flip Lever on Crafting Altar
  4. Go on crafting your spell!

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