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Dismembering is a silver spell modifier under the Offense tree that allows the user's damaging spells to have an increased chance of making a mob drop its head when killed.

"You've decided that you like souvenirs. So much so, that you have discovered how to make your damaging spells leave some pieces intact. Each modifier adds 5% chance to drop a head when defeating an enemy" -Arcane Compendium


To unlock dismembering, a player must cast a spell that has the component Force Damage + Piercing + Damage that's it.


For every instance of the dismembering modifier in the spell, the chances of a mob dropping its head increase by 5%.

Required Materials

Bone, High Essence Core, Wither Skeleton Skull


  • As with all silver spell modifiers, this piece is obtainable merely by casting the required spell; it is not necessary to have unlocked the required spell's components, so on a SMP world, players can drop the spell to allow new players a quick unlock of this component.