MC Dryad

A dryad's standard MC appearance

The Dryad is a passive mob added by Ars Magica 2 which when many are killed, will spawn a Nature Guardian.


The Dryad appears as a nature being with dark hair, and blue eyes. She wears a simple garland of leaves around her head, and a short green spaghetti-strap dress and dark green armbands and bracelets. The only visible shoes are dark green stripes on the bottoms of the feet. Several dryads will spawn together and will wander around in the general spawn area. Skins may vary with certain texture packs. The Dryad have less chance to spawn in the desert.

Arcane Compendium Edit

"Dryads are peaceful creatures often found in forests and grasslands. They can be lured in with a sapling and will periodically make nearby plants grow faster."


The Dryad has 20 health. It is a passive mob, meaning that it will not attack the player. It has a chance of dropping one life essence upon death.

Uses/Special AbilityEdit

When five Dryads are killed, one Nature Guardian will be summoned.

Dryads are very useful for farming; they encourage crops to grow faster.

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