Ender boots

Arcane Compendium EntryEdit

The Ender Boots are a rare drop from the Ender Guardian. While wearing these boots, sneaking and jumping will reverse gravity. This will only apply to the wearer, and you will fall upwards to the max world height very rapidly, at about 75 blocks per second.

(Caution: tends to be a bit buggy while ceiling walking, take care. Normal falling damage applies so take extra precautions! You cannot reverse gravity while airborne. Beware of ghasts while using this item, they seem to go bugged and rapidly shoot a huge barrage of fireballs.)

Movement Edit

To reverse gravity, simply hold shift and press space. Be warned that you should only do this in a space with a ceiling above you, if not you would move all the way up the world's height limit and immediately be thrown back down to ground level. This may cause accidental death by falling.

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