Ender guardian

The Ender Guardian is a very powerful being that should not be summoned unless you are more than 100% sure. In order to summon this horrific being, enter the end and create a Black Aurem above the middle of a 3x3 coal square to pull the dark within the end. Next, you must put a gold inlay around the entire Black Aurum. Then light fires using a Flint and Steel on the outside of the inlays on the four sides. Finally, you must pay with the sacrifice of one Ender Essence and one Eye of Ender in order to destabilize the aurum. Your guardian has now been summoned... you have been warned. Slaying the Ender Guardian is the only way to obtain Ender Boots. The Ender Guardian is by far the most powerful guardian, and only the most powerful spells will be able to overcome his health regeneration and high damage output.

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