Ender Intervention is an Ender-Affinity Spell Component in the Utility tree.

Effect Edit

The target is instantly transported to the Nether.

Trivia Edit

  • It will NOT create a Nether Portal. You must either have the materials to make a portal or have the Divine Intervention Spell, otherwise YOU WILL BE STUCK until you die.
  • It is ONE-WAY. If you attempt to use it while in the Nether, it will state that you are already in the Nether.
  • If you use it on too high a y-level, you may fall to the bedrock on the top of the Nether. It is untested, but assumed that using it at lower elevations may cause you to take falling damage from teleporting to a point in the air anyway.
    • Furthermore, bring fire resist potions, or something that prevents lava damage, with you if you use this spell. There is no guarantee you will not drop straight into the lava ocean.
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