Essence is the basic energy used for creating more powerful spells and powering certain structures.

Please note that Essence is different than the game's various Essences.

Types of Essence Edit

Neutral Essence is produced with an Obelisk, smelting either Vinteum Dust, or Liquid Etherium, which has been replaced with Liquid Essence (far more potent).

Light essence is produced via a Celestial Prism, which is obtained by performing the Ritual of Purification on an Obelisk.

Dark essence is produced via the Black Aurem, which is koksed by performing the Ritual of Corruption on an Obelisk.

Etherium Network Edit

Important Note: you need to pull the lever on the alter when it gets the Essence required for it to accept the Essence and give the next item! Edit

Mana Analie Edit

Mana Analies store Etherium, allowing you to save up essence. They are powered with redstone, like a lever or a redstone torch.

Obelisks Edit

Uses Liquid Etherium or Vinteum Dust, to fill the network that the Obelisk is paired in to.

Etherium Conduits Edit

These crystals allow Etherium to be passed along a greater distance.

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