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This article contains details about a feature that no longer exists in updated versions!

This item has been replaced by the Obelisk in v1.2!

An Essence Nexus was a multiblock structure that was the primary source of neutral essence. The nexus is composed of four stone brick columns with chiseled stone caps and a Runic Circle. The structure requires placement of liquid essence under it in order to obtain neutral essence. The essence nexus acts a middle ground between the light and dark nexus as it provides more power than the former without the negative effects of the latter.


First of all, you will need Blue Chalk to create the Runic Circle in the center of the structure. Blue Chalk is created by combining Lapis Lazuli , clay, Vinteum Dust, flint and paper in a shapeless recipe.


Use the Blue Chalk by right clicking it anywhere with a 3 by 3 empty space. That will mark the center of your nexus.

Note: Once placed, the Blue Chalk can no longer be picked up. Choose the location of your nexus wisely.

This is what you should get once placing down the Blue Chalk.


Next, place four pillars of Stone Bricks around the runic circle in a square formation, each of them one block diagonally away from the runic circle, which should be in the exact center of the square. The Stone brick pillars should have a three block spacing in between them. Cap the pillars with Chiseled Stone Bricks, and you're done with the structure.  Once done, the runic circle should turn a bright blue color and begin rotating. A pictorial example is shown below.

The stained clay is not required in the structure and is only used here to show the distance between the pillars.


If there is an empty space beneath the nexus, and there is liquid essence in that space, then the essence is consumed to produce neutral essence. The essence needs to flow under the center of the chalk otherwise the nexus will not consume it. To power a Crafting Altar you need to link the Essence Nexus to the Crafting Altar with a Crystal Wrench. You first right click on the center of the Nexus, a white beam will shine, then you click on the crafting block (the one with the runes), the beam will fade. To determine how much essence is inside you need to use the Magitech Staff.

Since the source block of liquid essence is consumed after a small time, it's possible to automate the placement and removal of the source block so that the Nexus generates essence without being able to absorb the source block. 

Note: If an Essence Nexus is too far from your Crafting Altar, you can use Essence Conduits and link them with the Crystal Wrench in the same manner.


To connect the nexus to a block (the crafting altarblock for example) you need to place the block after the nexus is created. If the block was created before the creation of the nexus, simply destroy the block and place it again. If the block is connected to the nexus, blue balls/particles will levitate up from the block.

Connecting at long distance

If the block that needs power is to far away from the nexus, Essence conduits can be placed to repeat the signal. Just as with the block, they need to be placed after the creation of the nexus, in order from closest to nexus to farthest.

Beam from nexus, via essence conduit to essence refiner