"The flickers inside this focus are contently at odds. The fire flicker seeks to consume life around it self, while the life flickers seeks to defend it. The balance that is struck in this conflict is that all but two of every animal type within a 6 block radius around the flicker habitat that contains this focus will eventually be killed. Provided that the fire flicker has access to a source of etherium to do its grisly work."

Uses Edit

When a butchery flicker focus is placed in a habitat and is powered by any type of etherium, it slay all animals except 2 of its type within a 6 block radius. This can be very useful for small scale animal farms by combining the Progeny and butchery flicker foci by having them close together working on the same farm/s.

Crafting Edit

To craft the butchery flicker focus you need 1 raw porkchop, 1 raw beef, 1 raw chicken, 1 fire flicker jar, 1 gold sword, 1 life flicker jar, 2 red runes and 1 Evil looking book

in this order; the fire flicker jar being on the left side of the crafting UI and the life flicker jar being on the right side.
Gui crafting.png

Raw porkchop

Fire flicker jar

Red rune

Raw beef

Gold sword

Evil looking book

Raw chicken

Life flicker jar

Red rune

Butchery flicker focus

Upgrades Edit

Unable to be upgraded.

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