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Ender and air flickers working in tandem can create a wall surrounding their flicker habitat provided they have been given the etherium to do so. Placing this focus in a habitat and providing it with etherium will create a nearly invisible wall in a 6 block radius from their flicker habitat that non-player entities can not pass out of. Modifying this with an Arcane flicker jar will also cause the interdiction effect to apply. Placing ice flicker upgrades to this focus will increase the radius of the containment field by one per ice flicker added.


When the containment focus is placed in a habitat and powered by etherium, it produces a wall 6 blocks away from it in a square radius. It does not create these walls on the Y axis, rather only on the habitats X axis causing it to only make a wall and not a box. The walls stop water, lava and anything block related being placed where the walls are, as well stops any mob from leaving the area but not entering. They don't cause any restrictions when inside the walls.


To craft the containment flicker focus you need 2 fences, 2 Cobblestone

walls, 1 ender flicker, 1 air flicker and 2 iron bars in this order; Place the 2 fences in the top left and top right, 1 cobblestone wall in the middle top, the ender flicker in the middle right, the air flicker in the middle left, a blue rune in the center, the 2 iron bars in the bottom left and bottom right and the other cobblestone wall in the bottom slot of the crafting tables UI.


Air flicker jar

Iron bars

Cobblestone wall

Blue rune

Cobblestone wall


Ender flicker jar

Iron bars

Containment flicker focus


Arcane upgrade

does nothing other than increase the wall's thickness by 1 outwards.

Ice upgrade

increases the wall's thickness by 1 outwards.


If a block already exists in the spot which the wall would be, the wall is not placed and takes a few updates to appear there.

Spells also go through these walls.

The harder you land on the block under the wall, the more particles are shown.

The walls tend to break in periods of about 4 seconds at random interleaves, this causes lava and water to flow filling in the places where walls used to be.

This works in the exact same way the interdiction flicker focus does.