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"The combination of water and nature flickers causes them to be able to find creatures that live in water. It does require power to maintain the search, however, as the flickers cover a great distance in a short time. If augmented with adjacent habitats containing lightning flickers, they are able to move even faster, causing them to naturally find fish more often. Doing so will increase the overall power use. The focus requires a 3x3 square of water below it that is also at least 2 blocks deep in order to function. It will output fish into an adjacent inventory if possible, or drop them as an item if no inventory is present. A redstone signal must be provided for the flickers to start working."


When a fishing flicker focus is placed in a habitat that is hovering over a 3x3x2 pool of water with an active redstone signal and is being powered by etherium, it will fish the water below and produce fish. The habitat can also place the fish into a chest if one is beside it or out in the world.


To craft the fishing flicker focus, 1 raw fish, 1 nature flicker jar, 1 water flicker jar and 1 fishing rod are needed in this order; the fish goes in the top slot, the nature flicker jar goes in the middle left, the water flicker jar goes in the middle right and the fishing rod goes in the bottom slots of the crafting tables UI.

Nature flicker jar

Raw fish

Fishing rod

Water flicker jar

Fishing flicker focus


Lightning upgrade

By placing a lightning flicker jar into a habitat that is attached to the habitat that is housing a fishing flicker focus, it can greatly increase the rate at which it produces fish but that will also increase its power consumption.