Ars Magica 2 Wiki

"The earth and ice flickers inside this focus will flatten a 6 block radius area surrounding their flicker habitat. They can operate without power but are much more effective when connected to a source of etherium."


When the flat lands flicker focus is placed into a habitat it will start digging in a 6 block vicinity on the habitats X axis and not on its Y except up (does not dig down). When a tool is applied to it by placing a chest with a tool in it under the habitat, it will dig faster. When 100 etherium is present in the habitat it will use that etherium and dig a block faster.


To craft the Flat lands flicker focus you need an iron shovel, an iron pickaxe, an earth essence, a black rune, an earth flicker jar and an ice flicker jar placed in this order; place the iron shovel in the top left, the iron pickaxe in the top right, the earth flicker jar in the middle left, the earth essence in the center, the ice flicker jar in the middle right and the black rune in the bottom slots of a crafting benches UI.

Iron shovel

Earth flicker jar

Essence earth

Black rune

Iron pickaxe

Ice flicker jar

Flat lands flicker focus


Can't be upgraded.


Digs at random.

Can dig nearly anything, including bedrock, but cant dig any partial blocks (like slabs, cobwebs, ladders, e.c.t.)