"The water flicker contained within this focus will hydrate the terrain in a 6 block radius around it's flicker habitat"

Uses Edit

When a gentle rains flicker focus is placed in a habitat near some tilled dirt in a 6 block radius, it makes it fertile.

Crafting Edit

To craft the gentle rains flicker focus you 2 blue runes, 1 etherium conduit, 1 tarma root and 1 water flicker jar in this order; 1 blue rune goes in the top, the etherium conduit goes in the middle left, the water flicker jar goes in the center, the tarma root goes in the middle right and 1 blue rune goes in the bottom slots of the crafting tables UI.
Gui crafting.png

Etherium conduit

Blue rune

Water flicker jar

Blue rune

Tarma root

Gentle rains flicker focus

Upgrades Edit

Can't be upgraded.

Trivia Edit

The arcane compendium uses 'it's' wrong, it uses 'it's' instead of 'its'. (this may be moved to trivia of the arcane compendium)

The animation for the gentle rains flicker focus is the same as progeny and packed earth, but recoloured.

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