Ars Magica 2 Wiki

"The air flickers contained within this crystal have been attuned to the movement of items. Placing this within a flicker habitat will allow you to link it with crystal markers to interact with inventories containing items. To link the habitat containing this foci, with a crystal marker, simply right click on the flicker habitat then right click on the crystal marker. This foci can be upgraded using additional flicker habitats with flickers inside them. This foci can operate without access to etherium, however it is very slow. Adding power increases the speed and allows the foci to make use of attached upgrades."


Allows movement of items from one inventory to another. To place a item transport in a habitat, simply right click on the habitat and place it in the single box. To make use of the foci, it needs to be linked to 2 inventories via import and export crystals by right clicking on the habitat then on the markers with a crystal wrench. The direction it goes is from the import crystal, to the export.


To craft the item transport flicker focus you need 2 blue topaz, 2 chimerite and 1 air flicker in this order; Place 1 blue topaz in the top, 2 chimerites in the middle left and middle right with the air flicker in the center and 1 blue topaz at the bottom.


Blue topaz

Air flicker

Blue topaz


Item transport flicker focus


the item transport can have up to 2 different types of upgrades by having other habitats with flicker jars in them around the item transporter and linked to them, according to their type the upgrade will behave differently and require etherium.

Arcane upgrade

By placing a habitat, with an arcane flicker jar inside of it, next to a habitat with the item transport flicker focus in it, the arcane flicker jar will point towards the foci and will increase the number of items the flickers inside can move at one time. The first arcane flicker will increase the count to 32, each additional arcane flicker will add an additional 32 items to the carrying capacity of the air flickers.

Lightning upgrade

By placing a habitat, with a lighting flicker jar inside of it, next to a habitat with the item transport flicker focus in it, the lightning flicker jar will point towards the foci and will increase the flickers speed at which it moves items, additional lightning flickers after the first will still increase the speed but suffer from diminishing returns. Due to the diminishing returns, any more than 3 lightning flickers is considered pointless due to how small the increase is after 3.


The habitat does not need direct line of sight of the crystals, it can even be fully encased in even bedrock and still function.

Habitats can only connect to crystals from 20 blocks away (from the block that the crystal is to the very block the habitat is at). Distance does not effect how fast it transfers items, nor does it effect its draw speed.

The habitat takes 2 seconds before it can draw another half stack when unpowered, but transfers them instantly. (32/s)

Applying etherium to the habitat increases it's draw rate by 1 second making it draw 1 stack/second. (64/s)

Applying 3 or 6 lighting upgrades increases the draw rate to 9 stacks/2 seconds, or 4.5stacks/second (4.5/1) or 32*4.5 items/second (144/s)