"The fire and lightning flickers contained within can use the power of the sun stone used in the construction of their focus to light a 16 block radius around their flicker habitat"

Uses Edit

When a light flicker focus is placed in a habitat, it will create light to the left of a sun rise (or right of a moon down).

Crafting Edit

To craft the light flicker focus you need 4 infused etherium potions, 2 sunstone 1 fire flicker jar and 1 lightning flicker jar in this order; 2 of the infused etherium potions go in the top left and top right, 1 sunstone goes in the top, the fire flicker jar goes in the middle left, the lightning flicker jar goes in the middle right, 2 infused etherium potions go in the bottom left and bottom right and 1 sunstone goes in the bottom slots of the crafting tables UI.
Gui crafting.png

Infused etherium potion

Fire flicker jar

Infused etherium jar



Infused etherium potion

Lightning flicker jar

Infused etherium potion

Light flicker focus

Upgrades Edit

Can't be upgraded

Trivia Edit

Doesn't required etherium to work, doesn't use etherium either.

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