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"The three flickers inside this focus can use their combined power to pull moonstone meteors that would land within 128 blocks of their flicker habitat to land within 8 blocks. However to accomplish this they need a trickle of etherium to keep them alert and watching for meteors."


When a lunar tides flicker focus is placed in a habitat and fed a constant supply of etherium, it will cause moonstone ore and stone (from a moonstone meteor) to spawn within 8 blocks of the habitat. Only useful for getting extra moonstone.


To craft the lunar tides flicker focus you need 2 orange runes, 1 lightning flicker jar, 1 arcane flicker jar, 1 earth flicker jar, 1 moonstone bock, 1 air essence and 1 earth essence in this order; the 2 orange runes go in the top left and top right, the lightning flicker jar goes in the top, the arcane flicker jar goes in the middle left, the moonstone block goes in the center, the earth flicker jar goes in the middle right, the air essence goes in the bottom left and the earth essence goes in the bottom right slots of the crafting tables UI.

Orange rune

Arcane flicker jar

Air essence

Lightning flicker jar

Moonstone block

Orange rune

Earth flicker jar

Earth essence

Lunar tides flicker focus


Can't be upgraded.