Flicker focus: Nature's Bounty

"The life, nature and water flickers contained within this focus will work together to help all plants within a 6 block radius grow faster. These hard working flickers will help all nearby plants with or without etherium but providing them with a source of power will allow them to do their work faster. When powered, modifying this habitat with a water flicker jar will also cause the gentle rains effect to apply."


When a nature's bounty flicker focus is placed in a habitat within a 6 block radius of growing plants, it will speed their growth up by producing green sparkles around in its 6 block radius.


To craft the natures bounty flicker focus you 4 bonemeal, 1 nature flicker jar, 1 life flicker jar, 1 water flicker jar, 1 essence of nature and 1 green rune are needed in this order; 2 bonemeal go in the top left and top right, the nature flicker jar goes in the top, the life flicker jar goes in the middle left, the nature essence in the center, the water flicker jar in the middle right, 2 bonemeal in the bottom left and bottom right and the green rune in the bottom slots of the crafting tables UI.


Water upgrade

By placing a water flicker jar in a habitat attached to the habitat that has a natures bounty flicker focus in it, it will start slowly making tilled land fertile while they plants are help to be grown by producing rain drop particles in the area.

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