"The life flickers inside this focus can use a source of etherium to cause animals within 8 blocks to breed. This focus requires etherium of any kind for each operation. The default operation time is 2000 ticks (100 seconds), but this can be reduced by placing additional habitats adjacent to the original and placing lightning flicker jars in them. There isn't much point in adding more than 4, as the minimum is 600 ticks (30 seconds). Each upgrade multiplies the current duration by 0.75 so the effect is diminishing."

Uses Edit

When a progeny flicker focus is placed into a habitat, any animal that can mate within 8 blocks will breed every 2000 ticks (1 minute and 40 seconds).

Crafting Edit

To craft the progeny flicker focus you need 6 eggs, 1 life essence, 1 life flicker jar and 1 white rune in this order;

Place the eggs in the top left and right, middle left and right and bottom left and right slots then place the life essence in the top, the life flicker jar in the center and the white run in the bottom slots of the crafting tables UI.
Gui crafting.png




Life essence

Life flicker jar

White rune




Progeny flicker focus

Upgrades Edit

Lightning upgrade Edit

By placing a habitat with a lightning flicker jar in it next to the habitat with the progeny flicker focus in it, the interval which it activates will decrease by *0.75 (that's 1500 ticks for 1 lightning upgrade, 1125 for 2, 834.75 for 3 and 632,8125 ticks for 4 upgrades). There is a limit of 600 ticks minimum.

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