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Welcome to the formatting guide! Here you can grab yourself a quick template to use for a page you're creating. If need be, remove or rename categories when using it. You don't HAVE to use this template, and we have some really nice pages made without it (I'm still proud of Dark Nexus. Fun pages like that are always welcome[for a more up to date example about 'awkward' pages is affinities.)

You may want to remove the heading for introduction when pasting, as well.

If it has a hashtag in front of it, it's intended to be "commented out", meaning it is just there to the benefit of the template user.


# This should contain some general information about whatever item, block, or mechanic the page is describing.

General information:

  • What it can be used for. Is it used for crafting items, spells, is it a component of a structure, does it help with spell casting, etc.
  • Whether or not it is 'complete'. Complete items can not be used for further crafting.

If your item naturally spawns in the world, this is useful information to include:

  • Which dimension it spawns in
  • The general Y values to search around (for ores)
  • The best biome to search in (For flowers, lakes, and such.)
  • What is received from mining it.
  • How much of the above is received from mining it.)

# If you're including a picture, make sure it doesn't break the formatting of the text. It should usually be aligned on the right side of the page. This breaks formatting least often, and looks relatively nice. It draws the viewers eyes across the text to the image.


This section should establish how the item is crafted. I will be using the Magic Broom recipe for an example.

  • The required items [ex. The Magic Broom is crafted with 2 sticks, 1 hay bale, 2 arcane ash...*(example bellow)]
  • The crafting template, fully filled out. This includes images and names of, as well as links to the pages of the items included. If it is a vanilla item, link to it on the wiki. Here is an example of a properly filled template.
  • If the recipe is shapeless (can go in anywhere in the crafting grid in the correct layout)

Arcane ash



Hay bale

arcane ash

Magic Broom

Note: In the modern editor, the template can be found by hitting insert, then template, then searching for crafting, then clicking it. It can also be obtained by typing in {{Crafting}} in the classic or source editors. Ignore 'Dev', 'Float', 'OA' and 'nobreak'. These fields are irrelevant. The sequence the crafting grid values follow is as follows:

A = left column

B= center column

C= right column 

Each row is represented by a number. 

1 = top row

2 = center row

3 = bottom row

For mobile users, please explain the crafting of the item in words.

*e.g; The Magic Broom is crafted with 2 sticks, 1 hay bale, 2 arcane ash, where the 2 sticks go in the top and center slots, the hay bale in the bottom and the 2 arcane ash in the left and right slots of the crafting grid in the crafting tables UI.


# What the item or component is used for, or what the mechanic does in game

  • How to use the item or block. EX: "In order to use the magic broom, one must shift-click with it on a chest or other storage container.

Use this for items that aren't immediately obvious how to use, or blocks with GUI interfaces, like the Occulus


If a video would be useful for an article, usually for a major mechanic in the mod like Burnout, a video should be included. It doesn't need a header, you can just include it and caption it.


If a picture doesn't look good up top in the introduction, it can go down here along with older versions of the picture and any other relevant pictures. Crop your images so they only include what is necessary (or, to be blunt, i don't need to see your desktop wallpaper).


The funnest part of each page is the trivia. Here a number of little bits of information can go here if they don't fit in any of the above areas. e.g. "Both the Occulus and the GUI show only the symbols of each element, and not their respective names."

If you've done any calculations that's relevant to the page e.g. the transfer amount from etherium to mana, throw the result down here in the trivia section. There's a page here which you can place your full calculations to show how you got to your results, it's recommended to link to the math page when adding your own results in the trivia section too.