Frost Damage is a blue spell component under the Offense tree that deals ice elemental damage along with a slight slow to anything hit.

"Many underestimate the power that frost can wield. The creeping chill can bypass many armors, and frost is devastating against the denizens of the nether. Frost damage also applies a brief slowing effect when it hits" -Arcane Compendium

Unlocking Edit

To unlock the frost damage spell component, it is required that Projectile, Force Damage, and Magic Damage be known and the player must have at least one blue skill point.

Effect Edit

Frost Damage deals a strong amount of magic damage to the target alongside a subtle slowing debuff.

Required Materials Edit

Blue Rune, Blue Topaz, Snowball

Trivia Edit

  • While most buff and debuff duration time is affected by runes such as Lunar, Solar, Duration, and Buff Power, the slowing effect added by frost damage is not affected by any modifiers.
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