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The central block at the top is the keystone recepticle.

Gateways are Ars Magica 2's method of transporting players across long distances. These gateways, other than acting as a form of transport, contain a dark secret not even found in the Arcane Compendium itself.

Arcane Compendium Entry

"Gateways are quite efficent at short range, but longer distances require significantly more power. the maximum range for a Gateway has been tested to be roughly 12km, though an extreme amount of power is required to traverse such a span. a keystone can be inserted into the keystone receptacle in order to lock the gateway to only the keystone's rune combination. Only then by activating another gateway with a matching keystone can one arrive at the keyed gateway. If the key does not match or no keystone is held at all when the gate is activated, it will be as if the keyed gateway doesn't even exist. this method can be used to control where you will wind up in the gateway network."

Structure Description

The gateway is essentially a ring made of stone brick blocks and stairs, with a chiseled stone block in the center at the bottom, and a keystone receptacle in the center top.



The gateway can be powered by any type of essence or nexus. Power is drawn from the sending gateway but not the receiving one.

Teleports of longer distances take more essence, and (as the compendium states) power requirements for travelling distances longer than 12000 blocks are impractical.

Keystones and networks

By default, (i.e. with no keystone) all valid gateways are part of an open ring-style network, where if you enter a gate, the one you come out of will be the one that was registered next (built next) in the network. Returning through this new gate now takes you to the next gate in the sequence. Once you reach the end of the list, the next jump will take you back to the first gate in the network. Essentially, putting a keystone into the gateway puts the gateway into its own network. You can enter any network from any gateway (even if it's not on the same network) by right-clicking on the keystone receptacle with a keystone configured for the network you wish to enter.


Without a keystone

Keystones are not necessary for gateways to work. By default, all gateways, once assembled, belong to the "open" network of gateways without keystone. By right-clicking the keystone receptacle on the gateway, you'll activate a portal to the next gateway in the network.

With a keystone

Using a keystone is not that different from using the gateways without a keystone. Keystones are a way that you can chose your destination when you travel by gateway. To use keystones, you must first insert a configured keystone into the keystone receptacle's slot. This sets the gateway's network.

All gates with the same keystone are part of the same group

Accessing Ars Magica 2's Mystery Dimension

(This part of Ars Magica 2 is not found in the Arcane Compendium, and the method of discovering this is currently unknown. Read at your own risk.)

Ever read some server logs and found out a dimension known as the Moo Moo Farm? Or maybe found it out from somewhere from the Forums? Yes, that dimension is from Ars Magica 2. Maybe you've seen the spawn egg of the Hell Cow in the creative mode inventory, spawned the mob in creative mode, and realised that it does not spawn in the Nether. The Arcane Compendium has an article on that mob too, but everything in it is just a series of cryptic "Moo"s. What is it? What is this dimension then?

Note: The Moo Moo Farm is a dangerous place. Ensure that you are sufficiently prepared with armour, food and tools before entering this dimension. Also ensure that you have a fully charged mana battery and blocks for an additional gateway prepared in your inventory, or an Ender Intervention and Divine Intervention spell. What you would do is cast Ender Intervention, which would teleport you into the nether, and then cast Divine Intervention which would teleport you to your bed/spawn point if a bed is not present.

Upon entry into this dimension, you will most likely be swarmed by tons of Hell Cows. Be prepared. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The Arcane Compendium's article on the Hell Cow.

The Moo Moo Farm is a dimension easily accessible through the use of Gateways.

What you'll need:

  • 1x Wooden Leg
  • 1x Arcane Compendium
  • 1x Gateway

First, you'll need to craft a wooden leg, like so:

Any type of wooden planks and slabs can be used in this crafting recipe

Combine the Arcane Compendium with the wooden leg in a shapeless crafting recipe to obtain the Evil Looking Book.

Once you have crafted the Evil Looking Book, use it by right clicking on the Gateway's Keystone Recepticle. (Ensure that the Gateway is powered with sufficient essence first.) Once this is done, a red portal will appear in the Gateway, as shown below:

The appearance of the gateway after being activated by an Evil Looking Book.

Step through it, and you will enter the Moo Moo Farm.

(This is probably a reference to Diablo II's Cow Level.)