"Gold inlays are the most advanced inlay. They are used to summon the most powerful of bosses. They can also be used as rails. When a minecart touches a gold inlay, it will attempt to warp to the next gold inlay in the direction it is currently traveling within 8 blocks. This can transport the minecart (an any passengers) through solid obstacles as it is in fact teleportation. There is a short delay before the minecart can teleport on a gold rail again after it warps."

Uses Edit

The gold inlay is a place-able item which is used in both summoning, crafting and fancy rail roads.

Crafting Edit

To craft the Gold inlay, place gold ingots in the top left, top right, top, middle left, middle right, bottom left, bottom right and the bottom with an arcane ash in the center slot of a crafting grid.
Gui crafting.png





Purified vinteum dust





Gold inlay

Trivia Edit

When broken, the rail makes 'lava particles'.

The gold inlay requires no etherium to let the teleportation function to work on rails.

After a minecart has teleported, it looses most of its speed.

It takes approximately 5.5 seconds before a minecart can teleport using a gold inlay again.

Each teleportation makes the normal teleport sound used by any teleport spell.

Gold inlays can't be placed on a slant without using a world editor like rails.

Pictures Edit

2015-11-26 20.43.10

The minecart can be seen 'morphing' through the lava and blocks due to the gold inlays.

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