Ars Magica 2 Wiki

Infinity Orbs are a major component of Ars Magica 2.  They provide skill points that allow you to "learn" a new spell effect, and expand your magical knowledge.

Blue Infinity Orbs

Player holding Blue Infinity Orb. Hotbar also contains Green and Red Infinity Orbs.

There are two methods of obtaining Blue Infinity Orbs.

You can find them in dungeon/nether fortress chests or you can kill the Water Guardian, or the Earth Guardian, as both of these bosses drop Blue Infinity Orbs.

Right-click while holding a Blue Infinity Orb to gain Blue Skill Points.  

Green Infinity Orbs

Green Infinity Orbs can be obtained by defeating bosses, and give one Green Skill Point when right-clicked. The Air Guardian, the Life Guardian and the Arcane Guardian drop Green Infinity Orbs, and you can find them in dungeon/nether fortress chests

Red Infinity Orbs

Red Infinity Orbs are the hardest to obtain. They are only dropped by the Winter Guardian,  Nature Guardian and the Fire Guardian. They can also be found in dungeon/nether fortress chests. Red Infinity Orbs give one Red Skill Point.


Infinity orbs can also be found in other mods' structures that uses the Dungeon loot table as base.

Right-clicking any orb before crafting an Arcane Compendium will display a random non-sequitur. Some examples include: "In the name of the Pizza lord, charge!" or "Did everything taste purple for a second?"