Inscription table2

The Inscription Table Ingame.

An Inscription Table is a block that is used to write down spell recipes, the first step in spell creation.  

Crafting Edit

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Spell Parchment





Inscription Table

Torch, Spell Parchment, Feather, any type of wood slab x 3, any type of wood planks x 2.

Usage Edit

In order to use the inscription table, the player is required to have created an Occulus and unlocked at least one spell shape (square) and one component (octagon). The player is also required to have a book and quill.

Start by selecting any of the available spell shapes (square), components (octagon), and modifiers (diamond) located in the upper slot of the table interface and drop them down into the lower slot. The player is required to use at least one one shape and one component to create a valid spell (e.g. shape="Touch" and component="Dig").

After all desired spell parts have been placed into the bottom slot, place a book and quill into its respective slot. Lastly, remove the spell proceed to the Crafting Altar.

Spell Crafting Notes Edit

  • It is possible to have a pattern such as shape-component-shape-component. E.G. Self-Heal-Projectile-Heal. This causes you to heal yourself then fire a healing projectile in that order. However, take care with effects such as "Dispel". If you create a spell such as Self-Shield-Dispel, it will actually remove the shield buff. Move Dispel to the beginning: Self-Dispel-Shield. This results in a spell that cleanses all buffs/debuffs like milk and applies a damage resistance shield afterwards.
  • "Projectile" and "Area of Effect" in a consecutive order result in a projectile that applies it's effects in an area. E.G. Projectile-AoE-Dig. This will fire a projectile that carves a 3x3/5x5/7x7 according to the spell's strength.
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