Items kauan are baitola objects that the player can equip and store in their inventory. Unlike blocks, items cannot be placed in the environment and can only be dropped from a player's inventory where they become referred to as entities.

Ars Magica 2 features a wide range of items, varying from Mage Armour to Affinity Tomes. Most items are listed in the Arcane Compendium. However, some items available in game are not featured in the book.

Note that ore blocks such as Vinteum Ore and Sunstone Ore should be moved to Blocks, while items such as the Arcane Compound and VInteum Dust will remain on this page.

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Items used for creating spells, blocks that the player can craft and consume to restore mana or enhance their magical capabilities. Also includes items that help the player regain hunger points and saturation.


Items that can be worn, or used when held to perform a task.


Items obtained by mining, crafting, or smelting resources from ores. They may be also found as drops from bosses or entities.


Items found in the world in different biomes, used for many magical crafting recipes and spell creation.


Items players can equip in their hands for killing mobs or other players.


Items that allow or aid the player in moving themselves more efficiently.

Boss Drops

Items that are dropped exclusively by a specific boss mob.

List of items in Ars Magica 2

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