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This article contains details about a feature that no longer exists in updated versions!

Light Nexus with glass caps.

Light essence is, in updated versions of the mod, generated via a Celestial Prism. For details, see the Ritual of Purification page.


When building a Light Nexus, start with 4 Corner Pillars made each out of 2 Quartz blocks and 1 other block. These pillars are placed in a 5x5 Square, leaving 3 Blocks space between adjacent pillars. After that, take White Chalk and place it in the middle of the circle. The Nexus should start produciung essence now.

Materials: 4*2=8 Blocks of Quartz (8 Quartz)

Other: Glass, Gold Block, Diamond Block, Moonstone

Essence Generation

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During the day, the light nexus will generate light essence. However, if you build your light nexus with moonstone, it will produce essence during the night. It will also generate the essence, when buried underground, meaning it doesn't have to be exposed to the moon or to the sun.

Generations are as follows from weakest to strongest:

  • Glass is weakest, with about 50 a tick,
  • Gold is about 150/ tick,
  • Diamond generates much more than glass and it makes approximately 100 essence/ tick
  • Moonstone is as fast as glass, but it may have some compatibility issues with Galacticraft if you are on the moon.


The light nexus brings some useful advantages with it. First of all it generates essence without putting effort in it (exept for building the construction), because it doesn't need any blocks or entities for sacrifice. Furthermore, due to it's pure magic, engines which are powered by the light nexus will have a small chance for bonuses. A calefactor for example will sometimes produce three cooked items instead of two, while an essence refiner will sometimes double essence outcomes or not use up ingredients during refining process. Another advantage is the small or even missing accumulation of deficit in machines. Also, it will upgrade its own caps to the next better ones. If it has glas caps, it may upgrade them to gold ones, from there it will upgrade them to diamond ones and eventually to the moonstone caps. However this occures very rarely. Last but not least the light nexus will provide the satus effect "Mana Regeneration I" when a player steps on it.


On the other hand, the light nexus brings some disadvantages, too. The essence generation is very slow compared to the other kinds of nexi. As well as the generation, the process of machines (for example cooking an item) will be slow, too. Depending on it's caps, the light nexus will only generate raw essence during the occurent time of day, meaning it won't produce any essence at night if it comes with glas, gold or diamond caps or at day if it comes with moonstone caps.

Proper use

Despite the many advantages of the light nexus, if one uses it inconveniently it will soon be out of essence, causing machines not to work properly or taking much time to process.

The light nexus is recommended for machines which don't need much essence to work (such as a slipstream generator), for it won't cause any troubles to refill them every once in a while. Due to it's benefits to grant double outcomes it's surely wise to have machines capable of it powered by light essence. Having more than just one light nexus to power machines which grant this benefit is clever, too, especially when it comes to essence refiners since they will otherwise suck dry every light nexus in range.

If you still feel annoyed by the time it takes for machines to work or having their processes stopped for a while consider either using charge foci or switching to an alternative essence source.