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The Lightning Guardian is a powerful boss. It can fire lightning bolts at extreme range, and also occasionally be able to replicate an effect similar to telekinesis using massive amounts of concentrated static electricity, which leaves the unfortunate victim open to several other effects. This Guardian is capable of doing extreme amounts of damage in a short period of time. Make sure you are well protected.

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To summon the Lightning Guardian, create a Gold Inlay Ring and place a mana battery in the middle. Then, place two Iron Bars on top when it's raining, and wait for the battery to be struck by lightning. It doesn't have to be an actual thunderstorm, just rain will make lightning strike it.


Book Entry:

Recommended Level: 70


  • Make sure that any spell that you use against the guardian is not lightning affinity. This will heal the boss. As should be obvious, you do not want the boss to restore any of his health.
  • Spell components of the affinities Ice and Water will do bonus damage against the boss, and as such, spells like Blizzard are reccomended.