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The Magic Broom as in item can be used to summon a 'magic broom' entity.


Arcane ash



Hay bale

arcane ash

Magic Broom


If the player shift right clicks on a chest it will sweep up any items in its vicinity and deposit them into the chest automatically. This is most useful for automation for any harvest or mining process.


Throw any item at or near the broom and it will 'walk' over to it and put it in a nearby chest!


If the chest is full, the broom will 'hold' the item till there is an space available to place the item.

The broom cannot be applied to multiple chests.

The broom can not be ridden by the player.


If the broom picks up a stack and tries to place it in a full chest, it will not place the stack until there is an open slot. When there is a slot, it will convert whatever amount of that one item thrown into a single version of it, i.e. a stack of gold bars will become 1 gold bar. The same thing can sometimes happen if the broom has multiple stacks to pick up at once.