"The Magitech's staff is a modified version of a spell staff that is attuned to ambient mana. It can be used to sense the etherium levels in powered blocks by right clicking the block with the staff in your hand. It gains additional functionality if you have the Magitech's goggles equipped."

The Magitech staff is a type of item used in Ars Magica 2 for its Etherium network. Although it is not necessarily required in the construction of a network, it helps the user immensely.

Usage Edit

To use the Magitech staff; right click on a Ars Magica 2 'machine', Etherium producer or node to see how much Etherium the block has. In the chat, the message "Detected (light/dark) etherium : (amount) (%tage filled)"

Crafting Edit

To craft a Magitech's staff, place Gold nuggets at the slots, as shown in the recipe, with a Blue topaz in the top right slot of a crafting grid.
Gui crafting.png

Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget

Blue Topaz

Gold Nugget

Magitech's staff

Magitech's wand and Celetial prism

Magitech's wand allowing information about the etherium in the Celestial prism to be shown.

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