− Mana is an essential mechanic to magic in Ars Magica 2, used by almost all spells with the exception of life tap spells, that give you mana. It is shown by a blue bar on the bottom right when you unlock the secrets of the arcane. Every time you cast a spell, it uses an amount of mana that can be seen by hovering over the spell with your cursor. Mana potions can be used to regenerate mana quickly, and there are talents that help your mana regeneration. When you cast a spell, you gain burnout that makes you use more mana in casting spells, shown as a red bar in the bottom left. A cheap and easy way to restore mana is a mana cake, with the added bonus of filling your hunger. When you level up in casting level by casting lots of spells, you gain extra maximum mana. Another thing to note is that the more burnout you have the less experience you get towards your casting level

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