Ars Magica 2 Wiki

There are currently five levels of mana potions with two specialty mana drinks. The higher levels of potions cannot be brewed directly, but must be upgraded from the lowest level of potion. The five main levels of mana potions are:

Lesser Mana Potion - restores 100 mana; crafted using a Water Bottle, Seeds, and Sugar

Standard Mana Potion - restores 250 mana; upgrade a Lesser Mana Potion with Gunpowder

Greater Mana Potion - restores 2000 mana; upgrade a Standard Mana Potion with Vinteum Dust

Epic Mana Potion - restores 5,000 mana; upgrade a Greater Mana Potion with Arcane Ash

Legendary Mana Potion - restores 10,000 mana; upgrade an Epic Mana Potion with Purified Vinteum Dust

(Note: the compendium claims these are made on a brewing stand, but that does not appear to be accurate)

The two specialty mana drinks are:

Infused Etherium Potion - temporarily boosts max mana; created using a Bucket of Liquid Etherium, Tarma Root, and Chimerite

Mana Martini - reduces burnout from casting spells by 25%; created using a Standard Mana Potion, Sugar, a Potato, Ice, and a Stick