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This page is entirely dedicated to mathematical calculations and the way people have found them! The whole research and final answers go here, i.e. this is the proof section for any math answers to do with Ars Magica!

Etherium to mana conversion rate

1mB[miliBuckets] etherium(liquid)[El] = approximately 20u[units]etherium(power)[Ep]

(found by converting 1 bucket = 20000u Ep down to per miliBucket[in my world 1 bucket gives 20 000 power, without any upgrades to the obelisk])

vinteum dust contains: 2000-250=1750 mana

(found by the greater mana potion (2000 mana restoration) minus 1 standard potion(=250 mana restoration) as it requires it and 1 vinteum dust (as 1 vintium ore = 1 vintium dust=1750 mana))

WORLD GENERATION:-- Vinteum Ore is found in deposits of 3.5m3 in average Liquid Etherium is found in pools of 201.6 buckets (10.5*9.6'*2) in average

(key: north to south * east to west * depth) --

so that's

3.5(Vinteum ore average)m^3 approx = 57.6 buckets of El PER Vinteum Ore (found by doing 201.6/3.5)

approx = 57.6(amount of Liquid Etherium in buckets)*1000(conversion from B to mB)*20(conversion from mB to u) approx = 1 152 000u Ep (or 57.6*20000) therefor 1 152 000 Ep is required to get 1750 mana 1 152 000/1750 = 1152/7 = 658.2857142857143/1 therefore the equation to find the amount of El from mana is: 658.2857142857143*(amount of mana)=El (note: averages and answer may change according to world generation type due to average liquid Etherium Pools and average Vinteum Ore clusters) Feel free to post what you get in turns of world generation and the final answer in the comments below. The more we know in terms of world generation, the more accurate the final answer for trivia's will become.

If you have the averages for both the Vinteum Ores and Etherium Pools, head here for a calculator which will do all this math FOR YOU!