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Ars Magica 2 adds a lot of new mobs, and they can be pretty confusing. This page is here to provide some basic information on all of the non-boss mobs.

Dryads are passive mobs, with green clothing that have 20 health and rarely drop a life essence on death. The dangerous thing about Dryads is that if you kill too many of them within a short amount of time it will spawn the Nature Guardian.

Mana Creepers are blue-tinted creepers with 20 health that rarely spawn at night. They explode differently than normal creepers. First, they form a blue sphere with offshoots, kind of like a star. That sphere drags mobs and players in. After a few seconds of suction, it explodes in a blue disc over a large radius. The explosion damages mobs and players, as well as draining a large amount of Mana. These creepers drop Mana Cakes when they die.

Light Mages are mobs, with a skin resembling a wizard, that spawn rarely. They appear to be holding a blue Affinity Tome, except they do not drop it if you use a Disarm spell on them. They have 22 health, and deal 8ish damage. They will attack hostile mobs. If you have the Mage Posse Talent, and an open Summon slot, you can right click on them and they will join your "team", following you around and attempting to protect you. If you have the Mage Posse II talent, they will Mana Link with you, giving you access to their mana pool to cast spells. They can drop Runes, Spell Parchment, and Spell Books.

Dark Mages are mobs, with a skin similar to Light Mages', except more visibly evil. Mostly, their robes are darker colors. They also hold a red Affinity Tome, as opposed to a blue one. If you use a Disarm spell on them, they drop an Affinity Tome: None, which can be used to reset your Affinities. They have the same drops as Light Mages.

Hecates are zombie-like wraiths that spawn in the Nether. They hover above the ground, and fly towards players, who they will attack. They can rarely drop Ender Essence.

Mana Elementals are peculiar creatures that spawn in the overworld. They appear to be made out of little white dots at where their joints would be. They drop mana cakes, and rarely Arcane Essence.

Fire Elementals are nether-dwelling, 15-health things. The top section of their body is black, with reddish orange eyes. On the bottom section of their arms and legs are flame-like textures, gradually getting brighter as it gets lower. They appear to be holding a fire block.