Ars Magica 2 Wiki

Nature essence is an item used in crafts like Flicker focus : Nature Bounty or High Essence core. It's a drop of the Nature Guardian but you can craft it in the Essence Refiner. To craft it, you'll need 1 leaf block, 1 lily pad, 1 vine, 1 cactus block and 1 arcane ash and place it in that order :

Nature essence.png
  • Leaf block on the top slot
  • Lily pad on the left slot
  • Cactus block on the right slot
  • Vine on the bottom slot
  • Arcane Ash in the center slot

Be careful that the Essence refiner is connected to an etherium source (like obelisk) because if it isn't, you wont be able to use the Essence Refiner . If there is a red circle it means that it's not working because there is no etherium source .

Tip: The Nature Guardian can be "cheaty spawned" by using other mods, such as Minefactory Reloaded to spawn Dryads to kill, be warned, even though this would be an easy way to get "free" nature essence, the boss is very powerful and will ruin an unprepared players day. This is untested, but nature guardians MAY be able to be spawned instead of Dryads in the same way... this is, unadvised if true.