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This article contains details about a feature that no longer exists in updated versions!

Nexus is a multiblock structure that generates raw essence for crafting spells and powering machines. There are three nexus variants that each provide a unique type of raw essence, neutral, light, and dark. The different structures also power machines with their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.


There are three diffrent nexus variants:


All nexus variants produce a specific raw essence for the player's use. When crafting spells, certian spell shapes, components, and modifiers require one or more of these different essences. Machines also run differently, depending on the type of nexus it is being powered by.

All nexus variants can provide raw essence for any structure or machine within a ten block radius. Essence conduits , a unique machine, can be used to extend range of the nexus. The conduit must be placed within the radius of the nexus, where it will project raw essence from the nexus in a ten block radius.