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Obelisk Ingame.

Fully upgraded Obelisk with Wizard's Chalk Circle and Stone Brick Pillars capped with Chiseled Stone Bricks.

The Obelisk is an updated version of the Neutral Nexus introduced in v1.2. It burns Liquid Etherium (the new name of Liquid Essence) or Vinteum Dust like a furnace to produce Neutral Etherium. Vinteum Dust provides 2000 Neutral Etherium while a bucket of Liquid Etherium provides 3000 Neutral Etherium. An Obelisk can be upgraded using Wizard's Chalk Circle and/or Stone Brick Pillars capped with Chiseled Stone Bricks.

Magic pillars should be placed on the corners of the chalk ring, and much like the crafting altar, use different materials for different degrees of power.

The Obelisk can be transformed into a Celestial Prism (formerly Light Nexus) via a Ritual of Purification. It can also be turned into a Black Aurem (formerly Dark Nexus) via a Ritual of Corruption.

Crafting Recipe

The Obelisk is crafted with four Vinteum Dust in the corners of a crafting grid, four stone blocks on the top, bottom, and sides, and a chiselled stone block in the middle.