Ars Magica 2 Wiki

Offense is a skill tree in Ars Magica 2, found in the Occulus, along with Utility and Defense, the other active skill trees, and Talents, which is a passive skill tree. It is used for, as the name implies, more offensive spells, including things like Projectiles, Area of Effects, Beams, or even Waves of all sorts of different damage types.

The tree includes the following, from top (easier to get) to bottom (harder to get).

Shapes: Projectile, Contingency: Fire, Area of Effect, Beam, and Wave.

Components: Physical Damage, Forge, Ignition, Fire Damage, Lightning Damage, Frost Damage, Magic Damage, Drown, Blind, Freeze, Knockback, Astral Distortion, Storm, Silence, Fling, Watery Grave, and Fury.

Modifiers: Gravity, Bounce, Piercing, Solar, Velocity Added, and Damage.

Silver Spells: Blizzard, Starstrike, Firestorm, and Dismembering.

Some of the more useful items in here are the Shapes of Projectile and Area of Effect, the components of Damage Types, along with Forge and Ignition, maybe even blind, and the Modifiers of Damage and Bounce, although all of these shapes, components, and modifiers can be used to great effectiveness if they are used correctly.

Name Description Color Type
Projectile Causes a Projectile to be launched Blue Shape
Area of Effect Changes the spell to target an area Green Shape
Beam Causes a Beam to be fired while right click is held Red Shape
Wave Causes a Wave Red Shape
Contingency: Fire Sets a spell to activate when the target is incinerated Green Shape
Force Damage Makes spells deal force (normal) damage Blue Component
Forge If target block can be melted, it will be replaced by it's molten equivalent (a Sand block becomes Glass (block), Wood becomes a Charcoal (item) Green Component
Ignition Sets things on fire Green Component
Fire Damage Deals Fire damage to Target Blue Component
Lightning Damage Deals Lightning damage to Target Blue Component
Frost Damage Deals frost damage to Target Blue Component
Magic Damage Deals magic damage to Target Blue Component
Drown Deals drowning damage to Target Blue Component
Blind Grants the debuff Blindness Green Component
Freeze Grants a debuff that acts like slowness Green Component
Knockback Knocks back target Green Component
Astral Distortion Disables teleportation through vanilla and ars magica means Green Component
Storm Causes a thunderstorm Red Component
Silence Grants debuff that stops target from using magic Red Component
Fling Flings targets into the air Green Component
Watery Grave Grants debuff that makes swimming harder Green Component
Fury Grants a buff to target that acts like a combination of Swiftness, Haste and Strength that causes debuffs when it wears off Red Component
Gravity Changes spell to be effected by gravity Blue Modifier
Bounce Makes spells bounce before being destroyed Blue Modifier
Piercing Adds piercing to spells (allows spells to pass their initial target and hit another) Red Modifier
Solar Increases or decreases the strength of the spell according to the current time (peak power at Zenith, minimum during midnight) Red Modifier
Velocity Added Increases Velocity caused by Shapes such as Fling Red Modifier
Damage Increases damage of Components that deal damage (for example, Fire Damage. Lightning Damage, Starstrike) Red Modifier