Piercing is a red spell modifier under the Offense tree that allows the user's spells to pass through and affect more than one mob per cast.

Unlocking Edit

To unlock the piercing spell modifier, it is required that Projectile, Force Damage, Magic Damage, Frost Damage, and Freeze be known and the player must have at least one red skill point.

Effect Edit

For every instance of the piercing modifier in the spell, projectile spells will pass through and affect one more mob.

Required Materials Edit

Arrow, Emerald, Ice Essence

Trivia Edit

  • Although the Arcane Compendium says that 2 extra pierces are added per modifier, each modifier only allows for one more penetration each. Likewise, the Arcane Compendium states that the Wave spell shape is modified by Piercing, but that is also incorrect.
  • Piercing may be used for harmful and helpful spells alike
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